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Here are a couple of examples of where we’ve worked with clients to create bespoke cardboard packaging solutions.

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LokTop – Tape Free Top Closing

Clifford Packaging, specialists in cardboard packaging, introduce LokTop, a new range of cartons offering tape-free closing to the top.

A standard self-locking closure is used on the base of pretty well all cardboard packaging cartons, and it’s easy to use when the carton is full.

One of our customers approached us to see if we could provide a carton with a similar closing to the base.

This needed to take into account that the carton would be full when the top needed closing, so a new design was required. The team at Clifford came up with the LokTop, a cardboard packaging carton with an ingenious top closing that requires no tape to seal.

Our unique LokTop design has many benefits over other cardboard packaging carton solutions including:

  • Self-sealing top closure
  • Quick, easy and secure sealing of carton tops
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Eliminates need for tape
  • Closure has little external protusion
  • Allows stacking of cartons
  • Wide range of applications
  • Corrugated fully recyclable and compostable
LokTop Tape free self-locking top closing cardboard packaging
LokTop Tape free self-locking top closing cardboard packaging
LokTop Tape free self-locking top closing cardboard packaging

Bottle Buddy - Retail Ready Packaging (RRP)

A new generation in retail ready cardboard packaging has arrived!

Clifford Packaging introduce Bottle Buddie, the new range of drop-in wine boxes set to revolutionise wine displays throughout the global retail industry.

Bottle Buddie is a unique cardboard packaging design and meets all RRP criteria including an integral handle for easy in-store handling, improves shopability and can be merchandised on shelf or on gondola ends.

Box design includes the latest perforation technology – which makes the box easy to open but, more importantly, passes all handling, transit and shipping requirements.

Design fits on all packing lines – either hand or automated case erecting.

Design available under licence in wine-producing countries – South Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and USA can all be supplied under licence from an existing corrugated supplier

Our unique Bottle Buddie design has many benefits over other RRP solutions including:

  • Improves brand visibility and awareness in store
  • Can be displayed either 2 or 3 bottles facing consumer
  • Display on shelf or gondola end
  • Ideal for mixed case promotion i.e., 2 red, 2 white, 2 rose
  • Built in handle for consumer to carry home
  • Increased opportunity to sell wine in sixes (also available as a four bottle pack)
  • Cash and carry and collapsible options available
  • Can also be used for beers and spirits
  • Corrugated fully recyclable and compostable

UK Patent App. No. 0611008.4 EU Design Registration No. 000466024

South African Design Right App. No. A2007/00269. Australian Design Right App. No. 19035/2007. USA Patent Application Pending. All rights of Clifford Packaging Ltd.

Shelf Ready Packaging - Bottle Buddie
Shelf Ready Packaging - Bottle Buddie

Just a few of the projects
that we have worked on.

Some of the specialist projects
that we have worked on.


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