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Packaging and the Environment

Today’s consumer requires packaging that can be reduced, re-used or recycled and this includes the corrugated packaging materials in which goods are shipped. Clifford Packaging is always looking for ways to help their customers make informed decisions about the corrugated packaging products they purchase.

Corrugated packaging – a solution for our time

  • Bio-based and Renewable. Corrugated packaging paper is made almost entirely from natural resources with any new fibres used, the wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests.
  • Easy to Recycle. We’re continuously increasing our use of recycled fibres, which now make up 88% of the raw material for new corrugated packaging.
  • Prevents food waste. Production processes that kill microbes give corrugated packaging unique hygiene levels that prevent the cross-contamination and spoilage of fresh produce.
  • Adding value after use. Today’s market for recycled paper as a secondary raw material provides value to every stakeholder across the supply chain.
  • Eco-design built in. Corrugated packaging can be easily shaped for cost efficient logistics, storage handling and recycling – saving time, energy and money while preserving the environment.
  • The real Circular Economy champion. Recyclable, based on renewable sources and bio-degradable, corrugated packaging is circular by nature.

In the UK 12.5 million tonnes of paper is consumed per year, of which cartonboard contributes 743,000 tonnes and corrugated cardboard 2.4 million tonnes. This equates to 12.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent a year, so anything that can be done to reduce this is a step in the right direction.

Consumers want environmentally friendly packaging

Brands are under increasing pressure from their customers to use environmentally friendly packaging. Consumers are now looking at the type of materials a brand uses, and will favour those that use friendly materials such as cardboard over unrecyclable materials. This is particularly true in certain specific sectors, such as food, drink and E-commerce

Corrugated fibreboard is environmentally friendly as the paper is sourced from recycled fibres or managed forests, with the capability of being 100% recyclable. All standard grades of paper used in the manufacture of corrugated products now contain recycled fibres. Our manufacturing sites are BRC accredited. On average for every tree harvested for paper production five more trees are planted in its place

Clifford Packaging lead with environmental initiatives

Clifford Packaging are committed to supporting environmental initiatives such as those proposed by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action programme); many of Clifford’s cartons now use D flute material instead of B flute, which results in packaging that is 25% thinner but just as strong. This means that more cartons can be shipped in each truck-load, resulting in further savings in fuel and emissions.

All cardboard boxes can be reused & recycled. This means that less resources are used in the future, as recycled corrugated cardboard can be used in making further cardboard boxes, and re-use of boxes ensures maximum life-span of the original materials.

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Corrugated cardboard has a recycling rate of 84% in the UK – the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging.

Clifford Packaging and the Environment

  • ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation
  • BRC approved manufacturing sites
  • Packaging designs using less material
  • Collection of waste during manufacture
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible
  • Careful selection of board grades
  • Purchase of materials from environmentally responsible suppliers




Eco-friendly packaging is sought after by consumers and retailers alike

“At Clifford Packaging we have a well-established record for working with our customers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging products. We are proud to hold ISO 14001 accreditation and we support the WRAP initiative.”  — Rowan Tinn, Managing Director


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Corrugated fibreboard is environmentally friendly as the paper is sourced from recycled fibres or managed forests, with the capability of being 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing sites are BRC accredited.


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