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Just in Time Packaging Delivery

Just In Time Packaging Delivery

Just In Time packaging delivery is an added value service offered by Clifford Packaging. This is a system where we hold and manage the stockholding of clients packaging supplies, which can then be delivered to their premises just as it is needed.

This removes a considerable amount of stress and administration from the stock management process, but more importantly it enables our customers to save significant amounts of warehouse and storage space, as well of course as the costs associated with this.

Benefits of Just In Time Packaging Delivery

  • Reduction in lead times
  • Cost benefits of bulk purchasing
  • Savings on warehouse administration and costs by releasing stock
  • Stock levels monitored and maintained by Clifford Packaging
  • Detailed usage forecasts
  • Simple, easy to use system designed especially for you

How you could benefit from Just in Time Delivery from Clifford Packaging

  • UK Supermarket Approved Suppliers
  • Stockholding and Call-off Service
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Mixed/Part Loads
  • Invoice on Delivery
  • Cashflow Benefits
  • Economy of Bulk Production Ordering

Clifford Packaging are a UK Supermarket Approved Corrugated Supplier

With the big 4 supermarkets having different shelf sizes pressure is placed on their suppliers to produce product in different pack size formats for specific retailers. This creates the need for the manufacturer/food producer to work with many different corrugated packaging SKU’s. With corrugated packaging being bulky to store and space at food producers usually being at a premium for their finished product a just-in time (JIT) delivery service is often required.

Learn how Clifford Packaging supports firms supplying to supermarkets

Clifford offers its customers the possibility of holding finished stock of their bespoke packaging for a period of up to 3 months for it to be called off on a just-in-time basis. Stock holding of corrugated allows for unscheduled production changes at our customers. If retailers forget to order or demand increases unexpectedly we have the finished product in stock unlike many other packaging suppliers who would have to schedule in production and potentially let down the customer.

Loads can be made up of any or all product i.e., mix and match loads.

The big four corrugated packaging manufactures in the UK all prefer to deliver a full load of one product rather than a mix of product. Unless you have sufficient storage space and expertise to effectively manage stocks, the service offered by Clifford Packaging is ideally suited to the thousands of businesses delivering into the UK supermarket sector. Note that we also offer this service in Ireland.

Other Benefits of JIT stock holding by Clifford Packaging

Other benefits of Clifford’s stock holding service for JIT delivery is that we only invoice products when they are delivered, which offers obvious cash-flow benefits to our customers. This in turn offers a further benefit in that the customer can order larger initial volumes to take advantage of more attractive unit pricing.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact a member of our expert team.

Just in time packaging delivery
Just in time packaging delivery
Just in time packaging delivery


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Corrugated fibreboard is environmentally friendly as the paper is sourced from recycled fibres or managed forests, with the capability of being 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing sites are BRC accredited.


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