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Just in Time Packaging Delivery

Just In Time Packaging Delivery

Just In Time packaging delivery is an added value service offered by Clifford Packaging. This is a system where we hold and manage the stockholding of clients packaging supplies, which can then be delivered to their premises just as it is needed.

This removes a considerable amount of stress and administration from the stock management process, but more importantly it enables our customers to save significant amounts of warehouse and storage space, as well of course as the costs associated with this.

Benefits of Just In Time Packaging Delivery

  • Reduction in lead times
  • Cost benefits of bulk purchasing
  • Savings on warehouse administration and costs by releasing stock
  • Stock levels monitored and maintained by Clifford Packaging
  • Detailed usage forecasts
  • Simple, easy to use system designed especially for you

How you could benefit from Just in Time Delivery

This service also allows for much shorter lead times and allows us here at Clifford Packaging to accurately predict our customers’ usage patterns – sometimes we know this in more detail than the end users themselves. By holding your cardboard packaging supplies centrally you can take advantage of economies of scale in production, yet still call off very small and large orders without the need for you to worry about minimum order quantities.

We tailor this service to meet each customer’s individual requirements, making sure it provides the maximum added value benefit.

Just in time packaging delivery
Just in time packaging delivery
Just in time packaging delivery


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