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Retailers use many forms of display in order to entice potential customers and stay ahead of competitors. One of the simplest but most effective and affordable tools is the Free Standing Display Unit or FSDU.

What is an FSDU?

An FSDU is a flexible display used to highlight key products, most typically used in a retail environment. Often constructed of cardboard, they make a popular stand-alone retail display solution by combining practical product storage with an eye-catching advertising space. They are lightweight and portable which makes them ideal for a wide range of uses.

FSDUs are a highly adaptable and affordable in-store tool for attracting attention and maximising revenue.

How FSDU can help your business

  • They Draw Attention
  • They Build Brand Awareness
  • Products Effectively Sell Themselves
  • Boost Look Of Your Store
  • FFSDs Are Flexible And Portable
  • Increase Product Visibility

Some FSDU examples from Clifford Packaging

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Corrugated has a recycling rate of 84% in the UK – the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging.

Clifford Packaging and the Environment

  • ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation
  • BRC approved manufacturing sites
  • Packaging designs using less material
  • Collection of waste during manufacture
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible
  • Careful selection of board grades
  • Purchase of materials from environmentally responsible suppliers




Eco-friendly packaging is sought after by consumers and retailers alike

“At Clifford Packaging we have a well-established record for working with our customers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging products. We are proud to hold ISO 14001 accreditation and we support the WRAP initiative.”  — Mike Gordon, General Manager

Download the WRAP report: Reducing corrugated cardboard weight without compromising strength



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Corrugated fibreboard is environmentally friendly as the paper is sourced from recycled fibres or managed forests, with the capability of being 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing sites are BRC accredited.


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